Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India; PlanetCliq.com is built on a complex world wide web architecture with our goal to list over twenty thousand products in the first year of going live. We aim to conquer the retail industry by providing you; the advertiser an opportunity to showcase your products on our platform with a global reach.

We wish to excel and grow to be an international blue-chip organisation, where we provide innovative solutions and services to our growing subscriber base in 16 countries across the Middle East, Asia and Africa. PlanetCliq.com aims to be one of the world’s leading ecommerce operating in emerging markets as the name suggests with low leverage.

PlanetCliq.com’s focus is on delivering innovative solutions to transform the communities in which it operates and fast track social development and economic growth. This is underpinned by its commitment to actively develop and engineer platforms for growth within the local markets in which it operates through the deployment of advanced technologies, quality networks and customer focused services. It involves providing differentiated, innovative service offerings. We aim to pro-actively and consistently serve our customers with a common set of brand values based on in-depth customer understanding and building trusted relationships. We will manage this through a strong focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of our operational processes throughout our footprint. We are committed to the principles of corporate social responsibility through strategic partnerships to increase access to education and health care via technology.

Currently we seek investors for advertising on myriad of advertising platforms to get the word out about how we bridge the gap between the manufacturer and the consumer in the ever growing retail and wholesale market. We are particularly conscious of the need for transparency and the establishment of a tone within the corporation for ethical and compliant business.

We place ourselves are as an internationally diverse group of young and dynamic professionals to create a strong foothold in the ecommerce industry. We like to innovate at all levels now and in the future we have not seen. Based on our projections we feel that the current trend is online - shopping and more. We like to call our marketplace simple and we have created exactly that. We strongly believe in keeping our reputation and strive to maintain the highest standards of quality is met. A marketplace where you can buy latest products through a few clicks. You can customise your product based on the options that are strategically placed to avoid duplicate products on our platform. Our market research allows us to reach out to a very specific set of manufacturers who share the same vision.

We love having an investor who can bring in expert advice and incline us to further grow ourselves. We manage PlanetCliq.com (Legal name - WE SKY PRINT LLP) - ability to translate business requirements into technical solutions with good conceptual knowledge of systems analysis and design methodologies. Good thought leadership skills, great team player attitude with ability to effortlessly collaborate and easily foster new relationships across levels of organization both internally as well as within partner organizations.

We as partners execute the smooth functioning of the company and financial operations, liaison with relevant Government and External agencies for all compliance and accounting matters, look after vendor management, attend customer queries and complaints - shipping and more.

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