Unable to Connect to Mobile Data


My device is unable to connect to mobile data. I receive the following error messages: "Web page not available," "Cannot connect to the Internet," "Unable to connect," "No network connection," etc.

Possible Causes

  • Switched from one carrier to another.
  • Account is not active or set up correctly.
  • Network outage is affecting your area.
  • Physical or liquid damage is present on the device.
  • Currently connected to a Wi-Fi® network.
  • Airplane mode is active.
  • Inconsistent network connection.
  • Mobile data is turned off, or you are roaming and have your device set to not use data when roaming.
  • Device software is not up to date.
  • The device is unlocked, rooted, or not supported by your carrier.

Before You Begin

  1. Please verify your account is in good standing with your carrier and you have the correct data plan.
  2. If you have never been able to connect to mobile data on your device, please contact your Service Provider to verify your account is provisioned correctly.
  3. If the issue occurs only when you are in a specific location, please check with your Service Provider for coverage in the area you are experiencing connectivity issues.
  4. Verify the device has no physical or liquid damage, for example, the device was dropped or got wet.
  5. Turn off Wi-Fi. If you are connected to a Wi-Fi access point, your device will not connect to the mobile data network.
  6. Verify Airplane mode is not active on the device by pressing and holding the Power button for one or two seconds. If Airplane mode is not active, you will see Airplane mode is OFF. Otherwise touch Airplane mode to disable this feature.
  7. Check for any available software updates for your device for you Device Support.
  8. If this is an unlocked device, rooted, or a not supported by your carrier, it may require you to manually enter in APN settings. Please check with your service provider for settings.


  1. To re-establish a connection with the mobile network: With the device still on, remove the battery for 30 seconds. After the time has elapsed, replace the battery and power on the device. Wait a few seconds for the device to connect to the network.
  2. Attempt to connect to mobile data by opening either browser on the device.